FAQs for Agency Partners

  • I’d like to provide internship opportunities, how can our agency sign up?

    Complete Agency Information Form
  • I'm an internship coordinator, how do I update my agency's information?

    Yes, please dowload our Internship Coordinator Quick Start Guide
  • What do I do if my agency says “Pending Approval?”

    Please contact the field office at field@du.edu so we may work with you about the current status of your agency.
  • Our old Internship Coordinator left a few months ago and we don't know her username and password. I'm the new Internship Coordinator so how do I log in?

    Please contact the field office at field@du.edu so we may update the Internship Coordinator information for your agency and send you log in information.
  • We have many internship opportunities at our agency, but there seems to be only one place to enter information about driving requirements, work hours, stipends, etc. in the database. Since this information varies depending on the opportunity, how can I clarify this information for each internship?

    Agencies that have different types of internships within their agency list each opportunity within the internship description. We recommend including the specific requirements of each internship there.
  • What do I do when I find someone to fill one of my internship opportunities?

    Once you make an offer to the student and they accept the internship opportunity, it's the student's responsibility to login to the database and fill out a field confirmation form. With submission of the form our office follows up on any missing paperwork. Once all placements are filled at your agency, the status will automatically change from “unfilled” to “filled”.
  • What is the difference between foundation and concentration-year internships?

    Foundation-year internships are generalist in nature and focus on core social work competencies. Foundation-year students work with a variety of client systems. Concentration-year internships focus on competencies required for more advanced social work practice within the student's academic concentration and, if applicable, certificate program. Students with advanced standing enter directly into a concentration-year internship after one quarter of academic courses.
  • How many total hours are required for an internship?

    Foundation-year students spend a minimum of 400 hours in an internship over three academic quarters, or an average of 13.5 hours per week for 30 weeks for students in the Denver, Four Corners and Western Colorado programs. Concentration-year students (including students with advanced standing) spend a minimum of 500 hours in an internship over three academic quarters, or an average of 16.5 hours per week for 30 weeks.
  • Do students change internship sites each quarter?

    It is the expectation that students spend their entire academic year at one internship site. Students completing two years of internship must do so in two separate agencies.
  • Can students receive field credit for past work experience?

    No, students cannot receive field credit for past experience. The accreditation standards of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) state that academic credit for life experience and previous work experience shall not be given, in whole or in part, in lieu of the field internship or courses in the professional foundation areas.

For more information, please refer to the Field Manual located under the quick links tab of our website: https://www.du.edu/socialwork/fieldeducation/index.html

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