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Q: What do I do if my agency says “Pending Approval?”

A: Please contact the field office at so we may work with you about the current status of your agency.

Q: Our old Internship Coordinator left a few months ago and we don't know her username and password. I'm the new Internship Coordinator so how do I log in?

A: Please contact the field office at so we may update the Internship Coordinator information for your agency.

Q: We have many internship opportunities at our agency, but there seems to be only one place to enter information about driving requirements, work hours, stipends, etc. in the database. Since this information varies depending on the opportunity, how can I clarify this information for each internship?

A: In the General Placement Question area of the database, there is an area where you may include a description and the requirements of each available internship.

Q: How many students are looking for internships?

A: Each year, there are around 300 to 400 students looking for internship opportunities.

Q: I’d like to provide internship opportunities, how can our agency sign up?

A: Click on the About link, then fill out the Agency Information Form.

Q:What do I do when I find someone to fill one of my internship opportunities?

A: After a student interviews with your agency and you agree to accept that student to fill your internship opportunity, the student will login to the database and fill out a placement form. After the form is submitted and processed by GSSW, your internship opportunity status will automatically change from “unfilled” to “filled.”

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